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About me

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"My work is always based on trust, dialogue, active involvment and the co-construction of solutions that work for you."

My work in the field of "human development" started when I was given the opportunity to coach and support people who were preparing to move abroad on expatriation assignments.

I realized then that I really loved working with people helping them make the most of their situation and wanted to dedicate my time to that.

I therefore embarked on a long journey to learn more about the human mind, study and test out different kind of therapies. This motivated me to specialize in Gestalt and Sandplay therapy as I was able to experience first-hand how effective these approaches were in helping people not only find solutions to their problems by learning to rely on their own creative resources but also achieve profound and lasting changes.

Having graduated, I decided to put my long-standing personal and professional experience with transition issues to good use and started working counseling people dealing with important life changes including many expats, repats, third culture kids (TCKs) and adult TCKs.

Although I now work with a broader set of issues and a larger panel of clients, this is still an important part of my practice.


- Certificat de Formation en Gestalt-thérapie, Cycle II, Institut belge de Gestalt-thérapie (IBG), Brussels. This is a rigorous 4-year cursus which is both theoretical and practical including many hours of supervised practice.

- Sandplay Therapy Training  (Formation à la méthode thérapeutique du Jeu de Sable)  with Isabel Olavaria, Intento asbl, La Hulpe, Belgium.


Member of the "Institut Belge de Gestalt-thérapie".  All members of the Institute commit to  following regular supervision and training sessions and respecting the Institute's Code of Ethics.

Recent Publications

"La Gestalt-thérapie, une aide pour se construire un avenir avec la SEP", La clef  numéro 140, 3ème trim 2018, p.12.

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